Excited after being graded an average 9.3 by our visitors in the independent TED Survey and having posted all talks and pictures online, the TEDxSittardGeleen team started to explore the next steps of the journey, which started on January 27th. Concepts of new events are being created with partners, speakers scouted and experience elements selected.

Before concluding the 2017 main event and looking forward to all upcoming excitements, it’s time to say ‘thank-you!’ both our financial and barter partners, for making the first edition of TEDxSittardGeleen happen! Without them, it would not be what it was.

We’re extremely grateful for the financial support of Rabobank Westelijke Mijnstreek, Brightlands Innovation Factory, Gemeente Sittard-Geleen, Limburg Economic Development and Sevagram.

Besides funds, we are also really thankful to our barter partners, supplying us with for a broad range of services and materials; 2K Communicatie took care of all technical & video equipment and editing the talks, Zipper&Baksteen for all graphic materials, AanZee for the app, LaserForum for an amazing lasershow, Studio G2 for the wonderful pictures, Conversation Starter for the networking app, Medior Comfort for aergonomic sofa’s, Geruba Chocolade for the delicious chocolate, AdelheidSchrijft for a majority of the texts used in all communication, Assemblee for the speaker training, Team Notarissen for setting up the foundation, ZUID Magazine & De Limburger for several nice articles in the printed press, Laurel Landmarks for the concept & experience, Hoasted for hosting our website and Caesus for creating and maintaining it.

These are the organizations, believing in the TEDxSittardGeleen concept and help us spreading ideas and putting them into action.

TEDxSittardGeleen was run by a dedicated and passionate group of volunteers, dedicating numerous hours of their professional time, taking care of every aspect of the event. Thank you Daphne, for creating the concept & experience, Inge for leading the team and taking care of the finances, Caspar for an outstanding execution of the production, Cindy for setting up and maintaining the guest list, Heidi and Stephanie for the tremendous amount of communication items, Annemiek for handling the food & beverages, Jehan and Karin for the volunteers, Helga for taking care of our speakers during the event, Laura and Hella for social media, and Jan for selecting and coaching the speakers.

Stay tuned! We’re announcing upcoming events at our Facebook and Twitter accounts soon.

The TEDxSittardGeleen team