TEDxSittardGeleen will return in 2018! After a successful first edition in 2017, the local edition of this world-renowned phenomena will celebrate a brand-new edition on Friday afternoon March 23rd.  A line-up with remarkable speakers will inspire the attendees in the Sittard Forum with their ‘ideas worth spreading’ that center around ‘living on the edge to succeed’.


Misbehaving beautifully

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes, the ones who see things differently. […] ”. Steve Jobs wasn’t that crazy himself when he launched this as a central theme for Apple.

‘Living on the edge’, being a rebel: in many cases, this is the only way to succeed and creating a better world. Believing in your dream, in who you are, and staying put. “Misbehaving Beautifully,”, as co-founder Daphne Evers would put it: “is someone who unleashes the rebel in him/herself and wants to do the right thing and make the world a bit more beautiful and better. That is what makes the difference in our demanding society, with all its technological rollercoasters and complex networks. And with all its future challenges you can’t even yet begin to imagine.



We very proudly present the first list of confirmed speakers:

  • Geoff McDonald is the former Global VP of HR for marketing, communications, sustainability and global talent for Unilever, where he headed projects on corporate purpose and organizational change.
  • Jeroen Swolfs travelled for 7 years, visiting 195 countries to photograph daily street life.
  • Peter Kentie is known to be the most successful city marketer and awarded sports marketer. Next to that he is the mastermind behind ‘just ESTonishing’.
  • Vince Meens is one of the leading crypto-currency experts in Europe and ‘serial entrepreneur’, technologist, and ex-CEO of Jetwise.
  • Madeleine van der Bruggen is the expert in the Netherland on sexting and child pornography of the Dutch police force.
  • Marco te Brömmelstroet is the ‘cycling professor’, bringing science on cycling to practice & back as academic director of the Urban Cycling Institute.
  • Sietse Bruggeling is a documentary maker who made films about among other topics autonomous weapons and new defense technologies.
  • Jeroo Billimoria is a social entrepreneur known for building huge, global coalitions and is founder of several international NGOs.

Our host, Rutger Mollee, will also join us this year to treat the speakers to a smart question, either his own or the audience’s.

To scout local pearls in Sittard-Geleen to share their inspiring story on the local stage, we’ll also be hosting a Pitch event. On Thursday, March 1st from 16-18 hrs you can take a chance at pitching your story at the Sittard Municipal office. So do you have an ‘idea worth spreading’, do you want to gain a spot on stage on March 23rd, and do you still have an opening in your agenda on March 1st? Check our website to register!


Date & location

Hurry, get your agenda, and mark Friday afternoon on the 23rd of March 2018 with a big red X! We’re expecting a large number of fresh enthusiasts and count on a full house Forum. A top-notch location, right in the heart of Sittard, known for its large and recently renovated multifunctional space, perfectly fit for a TEDx event.


TEDxSittardGeleen co-founder Inge Mostard: “And that’s not all, folks! In addition, we’re also considering a follow-up by means of a TEDxSalon and TEDxYouth. Last year, both were a great success, and we’ve all enjoyed welcoming some of our brightest local talents back on stage!”.



We are very grateful to our partners who enable the 2018 edition. Amongst others these are the Municipality of Sittard-Geleen and Limburg Economic Development (LED), not to mention the broad variety of in-kind partners, such as Exit Communicatie. Michiel van Gog of Exit Communicatie: “We have co-created the concept of ‘Misbehaving beautifully’ as the theme for 2018. A theme we think suits TEDx and its audiences -to which we include ourselves- like a glove. As a creative agency, our heart starts pounding when we see inspiring speakers going off the beaten path!” The complete TEDxSittardGeleen team consists of a few dozen volunteers (including the team), who contribute to the preparations and the success of the event throughout the entire year. Partners, volunteers, team members: top of the bill, one by one!


Get in & get inspired!

Interested in joining our event? Listening to our stories? At you’ll find all the information you need, including buying your entry ticket online, quick and easy.


Is your agenda not entirely empty on March 23rd, and are you in doubt to make some room? Check our website and our social media channels such as Facebook to read the enthusiastic responses to our 2017 event. And get those audacious boots on and walk with us! Because only with a vital bit of gut you’ll take your first step to success!


About TEDxSittardGeleen

TEDxSittardGeleen was born in 2017, when it successfully hosted its first edition in Sittard. Founders Daphne Evers, Inge Mostard and Jan Scheele –together with a team of enthusiasts- introduced a well-rated event with no less than 24 speakers around the theme Be Bright Together. The main event was preceded by a pitch and followed up by a Salon and Youth edition, both in cooperation with HS Zuyd.


Press contacts

Information on TEDxSittardGeleen is available at, or via our social media channels (such as Facebook). For more information, please contact Daphne Evers ( / 06-23146476).