Maurits Houck

Maurits Houck (22) is the technical manager of the Delft Hyperloop project. He has one great passion since he was young: building something that improves the world. A year ago, he stopped studying Applied Physics for a wonderful challenge. Together with another student, he brought together a group of 37 students from all sorts of different disciplines, backgrounds and nationalities with just one goal: making transport more efficient, easier and faster with the Hyperloop: a high speed train capsule in a vacuum tube. Cofounder of SpaceX and Tesla Elon Musk built a Hyperloop tube and challenged teams from all over the world to build the capsules in the form of a yearly competition. As technical manager, Maurits is responsible for ensuring that everything comes together: the technology, the 37 students, 65 partners and the latest parts from all over the world. Big challenge for him is that everything started with nothing at all and only 10 months later, everything comes together in hopefully the fastest Hyperloop run ever. A project that has never been done before. How to develop something like this that is new for the young team but also for the world? What is the Hyperloop actually? All the emotion, effort and enthusiasm he puts into his team is all at stake in a race of 15 seconds in which everything has to be right. At the same time, those 15 seconds can be a big step towards the future of transportation.


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