Jean Freer

Jean has been working as a medium and Wisdom Teacher since the year 2000. In this year she opened her first spiritual center and until 2013 she managed various centers that have been visited by a large number of people over the years. Together with her 30 volunteers she operated a center that welcomed an average of 600 to 800 people a month.

In these centers she provided healings, courses, consults and lectures. Jean was also invited to give workshops and lectures in Germany and Belgium on a regular basis. On top of that she is the co-founder of Haven, a network of homes where people struggling with the confusions of life can go to get their lives back in order with the support of trained volunteers.

In 2002, while in Lourdes, she received a message about and for the children. This message she shared with parents, teachers, therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists. Through this message Gentille Boymans was touched. It completely resonated with the feeling she had for a while and the kind of education she had always envisaged as a teacher. For years, she had had a dream about children needing a different way of being educated and therefore this message really resonated.

Together, Jean and Gentille worked for over ten years preparing the launch of the IBBO school. Now this dream has become a reality and meanwhile four schools have been established, three more are being developed. Jean’s task is to monitor the processes that take place in those schools. She assists the team when they go through processes of change and development. Because of this, parents and children get a deeper insight in their part. It helps parents getting forward in their relationship with each other and their children, helping everyone evolve.

IBBO is now the dream of many.

Read more (in Dutch) about IBBO in the article of Dagblad de Limburger:

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