2019 Host Rutger Mollee

At the moment, Rutger Mollee is one of the most wanted Chairmen of the Day in the Netherlands, and TEDxSittardGeleen is proud to present him as our Host of the day!
Rutger Mollee started working as a moderator after his communications study. His economical Business School (NL: “HEAO”) background gives him the needed insights and his experience as a comedian is a great bonus.
In the past years he has gained a lot of experience both in the profit and non-profit sector, in both serious and informal meetings.
With flair, quick-wittedness and a fast pace, Rutger effortlessly switches between different speakers; accessory matters and head topics; scratching the surface or going straight to the point. He interacts with the audience and involves them in the conversation. He uses both live interaction and modern tools to engage the audience.
In 2014 he was rewarded with a finalist place in the Dutch “Dagvoorzitter van het Jaar” (EN: Chairman of the Day) election.
Next to working as Chairman of the Day at many events, Rutger is active at a well-known Dutch satirical news platform called “De Speld” (The Pin). He also works as a partner with “Speak to Inspire”, where he helps speakers building their story to be ready for hitting the stage.

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