The successful inspirational event TEDx, gets its own edition in Sittard-Geleen on January 27, 2017. That day the doors are opened on Bergerweg 49 in Sittard for a day filled with startling, moving, surprising and interactive TEDxTalks on the theme ‘Be Bright Together’. Speakers include Herman van Rompuy, former Prime Minister of Belgium and former President of the European Council, Martijn Wismeijer, your Crypto Currency expert in the Netherlands, Linde Zhou from Novioponics (pesticide doses can be reduced by 50%) and Martijn Lopes Cardoso from Black Bear (intelligent recycling of carbon black in car tires brings huge environmental benefits).


Unexpected connections

Behind the scenes we are currently working hard on the preparations for the event on Friday January 27th. Concept Responsible and Co-founder Daphne Evers explains the selected theme ‘Be Bright Together’: “Be Bright Together fits perfectly in the Sittard-Geleen region. Nowhere in Limburg one can find such a concentration of innovative companies. With TEDxSittardGeleen we want to contribute to establishing new, smart, and unexpected connections.”


All speakers at the TEDx stage feel connected to the theme, all from different angles. And that alone creates many unexpected connections and new insights, Evers expects. “Whether it’s a vision and insights on the future of Europe, the sustainable consumption of seaweed, or how we innovate healthcare.” During the program, there is also a lot of focus on creative interludes and interactivity between the speakers, partners and visitors.


Co-founder Inge Mostard is responsible for the organization and adds: “So far, twelve speakers have officially committed, all being very eager to share their stories and their ideas on our stage. Educational institutions, the municipality and various local entrepreneurs have already joined to shape TEDxSittardGeleen community. People who want to experience this day can register on our website and will be invited on basis of their ‘Bright Brainwave’.”



A small selection of the many passionate speakers who will enchant the audience during their talk on the TEDxSittardGeleen stage:


  • Herman Van Rompuy, former president of the European Council expresses its opinion on the future of Europe.
  • Martijn Lopes Cardoso, CEO of Black Bear, is a tire collector from Nederweert collector who developed a process to achieve cleaner and more efficient ‘carbon black‘ powder from old car tires. An international success story of six experienced entrepreneurs on an ideological climate mission.
  • ‘Mr. Bitcoin’ Martijn Wismeijer is the crypto-currency expert in the Netherlands. Wismeijer got himself microchip implants to be able to pay contactless, open the door remotely, and who knows what else is possible?
  • Linde Zhou from Novioponics achieved breakthrough results in reducing pesticide doses in horticulture.
  • Bob de Graaff is Professor of Intelligence and Security Studies at the University of Utrecht and connected to the Dutch Defence Academy in Breda. De Graaff shows how we as Internet users are all our own intelligence service, and which danger that causes.


Bright minds create mind shifts

As initiator of mind shifts TEDxSittardGeleen wants to be the place where unexpected crossovers and special collaborations are obvious.


Who has ever witnessed a TEDx, won’t miss any edition. In short, plenty of inspiration for the rest of the year!