Hi, I’m Rob …

… and I’m someone who likes to deal with curious people, discover new things together and build things. When you join these enthusiastic people working on the craziest and most fun ideas. Often it gets crazier by the minute and everyone becomes more excited: it’s the most beautiful thing there is!


My favorite quote

It’s more of an adage: ‘for every problem there is a solution’. I prefer to be led by positive thoughts, not by impossibilities.


My favorite TED Talk

The intelligence of crows by Joshua Klein. The reason is also something I love: never underestimate the one opposite to you or whom you are dealing with. Crows are often seen as gloomy and dismal animals. If watch this Talk you’ll learn that they are surprisingly intelligent and it this gives a very different view of these animals.


Tell us about the people that inspire you most

Victor Muller. In an interview, he once had to answer the question in 2002: what did you do first when your company’s bankruptcy went public? His answer was: “I bought a 200.000 Dutch guilder Jaguar. Just to ensure I needed to do everything in my power to be able to afford it.”.

I find this a fantastic thought, consistent with my belief that having loads of money leads to poverty of creativity. Sometimes, you have to put someone on the spot to get the most out of them.


What makes your heart sing to speak on TEDxSittardGeleen?

I think this is a good opportunity to show people that creative students are very capable when their teamwork is excellent. Students are very curious -like every human being- and can rise above themselves when they get a task that matches their imagination. Through their enthusiasm, I can facilitate them with the nicest and newest techniques (such as 3D printing technology), new materials and get them in touch with high-tech organizations. It’s great to see and experience all of this.


About Rob as a speaker? Find his speaker page here.