Hi, I’m René …

For years René van Alphen struggled with RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome), to the extent that sleeping and day-to-day tasks were almost impossible. By chance he discovered something that offers relief and even in some cases, total recovery. How wonderful can it be, a solution thought up by van Alphen, which can be used to help patients all over the world and give them a part or all of their life back.


To get to know René a little bit better, we’ve asked him to tell us what his family would tell us about him.

René: “The word ‘go-getter’ comes straight to mind. My son also says that about me. I can see a potential project in everything. My son is now 27, however when he was in high school I started a tutoring group. My son and his friends gave lessons to children who were having difficulties school. I met enough students through my driving school who were looking for a part-time job or who could use some tutoring themselves. And with my elastics, I started off with travelling the country, looking for interested parties. I had the energy simply by believing in it. And when that happens, there is no stopping me. You can ask my girlfriend! Fortunately, she has her own job, but otherwise she would have to hear my story all through the whole day. Most people at my age are ready to retire, but I just can’t think about that. Lucky for me, in my job as driving instructor I can still work for many years to come. I feel that I am a very blessed man.”


Who are your sources of inspiration?

René: “I think that Erik Joosten from the company Arion (an innovator within the field of medical devices, braces, stockings etc.) is a fantastic example of someone who stands for what he believes in. This man has an amazing energy. The inventor of Tesla is also someone who I also have enormous admiration for. The power of innovation and perseverance, that’s what inspires me.”


What’s your favourite TEDx Talk?

René: “I would choose Erik Joosten and his TEDx Talk at TEDxAachen last year: Irritation leads to innovation.”


What do you dream about?

René: “It would be fantastic if there was a neurologist that didn’t want to be a neurologist anymore and would be content to investigate further into what my elastic band actually does to the human body. This would hopefully lead to helping more people with RLS get relief from their symptoms.”


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