Hi, I’m Linde … and I’m a business woman and a mother of two children.


What story does my family tell about me?

I work hard, I am intelligent and sometimes I just know best J


My favorite quote

Never let reality get in the way of your dreams.


My favorite TED Talk?

In my mind, a good TEDx talk has a lot of influence. A good TEDx talk inspires me, and gives me a lot of positive energy. I like the talks of Anthony Atala and Brené Brown.


Anthony Atala does a good talk about the new technology in Reconstructive Medicine. Seeing I have a medical background, I find his subject very interesting.

Find his TED Talks here: Anthony Atala about Printing a human kidney and Anthony Atala about growing organs engineering tissue


Brené Brown is a very good storyteller. Many people from research tell stories with too much technical information. Brené is a wizard at good and simple storytelling.

Find her TED Talks here: Brené Brown on vulnerability and Brené Brown about listening to shame.


Why TEDxSittardGeleen?

Novioponics as a new business start-up is one of the ten winners of the Startup-bootcamp Smart Materials at Chemelot (Brightlands) in 2015. Novioponics is a young company and is focused on a new technology. The success of Novioponics is certainly linked with the good business foundation of Sittard and the surrounding area. I feel honored to share my business experience with other businesses that have great ideas.


About Linde as a speaker? Find her speaker page here.