If there is someone, perfectly embodying the TED concept and mission, it is Marc Sollet. Being one of the most dyslectic students at Hogeschool Zuyd didn’t prevent him from participating in the TEDxSittard-Geleen pitch, which he won. It gave him the opportunity to spread his ‘idea worth sharing’ amongst the attendees of the TEDxSittard-Geleen event, which turned out exactly the jumping board he needed to put his ideas into action.


After his talk, Marc was invited by his school to start teaching his own teachers about dyslexia, giving them a better view on what it is to have this disability and how to handle students with it. Several articles appeared in newspapers and online, where Marc fiercely battled the view of experts, arguing dyslexia does not exists and is just a side-effect of bad education. Not even starting the numerous reactions from people whose heart he touched, finally addressing what they’ve had lived with for a long period of time.


Marc, only 20 years, is just starting his journey.  He recently found his own company, “Dyslexie door de ogen van een dyslect“, with which he will provide courses and lectures at schools for teachers, dealing with children with dyslexia. Marc: “I’m going to make sure that people will get a better view what dyslexia really is, what it means to have this disability and how to deal with children with it. Not only teachers, also parents and other interested persons”.

Start following this guy, we expect him back on the TEDx stage soon 🙂

Jan Scheele – Curator TEDxSittardGeleen