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A man with an impressive mission standard

If there is someone, perfectly embodying the TED concept and mission, it is Marc Sollet. Being one of the most dyslectic students at Hogeschool Zuyd didn’t prevent him from participating in the TEDxSittard-Geleen pitch, which he won. It gave him the opportunity to spread his ‘idea worth sharing’ amongst the attendees of the TEDxSittard-Geleen event, which turned out exactly the jumping board he needed to put his ideas into action.   After his talk, Marc was invited by his school to start teaching his own teachers about dyslexia, giving them a better view on what it is to have this disability and how to handle students with it. Several articles appeared in newspapers and online, where Marc fiercely battled the ...

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That’s all folks! Or not? standard

Excited after being graded an average 9.3 by our visitors in the independent TED Survey and having posted all talks and pictures online, the TEDxSittardGeleen team started to explore the next steps of the journey, which started on January 27th. Concepts of new events are being created with partners, speakers scouted and experience elements selected. Before concluding the 2017 main event and looking forward to all upcoming excitements, it’s time to say ‘thank-you!’ both our financial and barter partners, for making the first edition of TEDxSittardGeleen happen! Without them, it would not be what it was. We’re extremely grateful for the financial support of Rabobank Westelijke Mijnstreek, Brightlands Innovation Factory, Gemeente Sittard-Geleen, Limburg Economic Development and Sevagram. Besides funds, we ...

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All talks and photos are available online. Enjoy! standard

All TEDx Talks of our speakers and all photos are available. Go ahead, check our Talks page or our Photos page, and enjoy! All videos will be shared subsequently on our Facebook page as well. So feel free to like, comment and share! Some more time to spend? Take a peek at our Press page, where we share all publicity on our event. Or have a look at our Partner page or our Team page. Excited? Want to share your idea, or let us know what you think? Get in touch with the Team via our Contact page.

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Meet Rutger, our Host of the Day standard

It is just about one more week to go until the big day on 27 January. We are talking to Rutger Mollee, Host of the Day, who is busily making preparations working from his home in Santpoort. Every speaker has called him personally to ensure the ‘juicy details’ of their talk has been sufficiently communicated. “I want to be able to present each speaker in a way so that the audience will be on the edge of their seats and thinking ‘Yes, we’ve got to hear this, how will this story end?’”.   Mollee is no stranger to TEDx and from his agency Speak to Inspire he often supplies the hosting and presentation coaching services for TEDx’s in such places ...

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From paranoia to pronoia: Karl Raats’ 5 tips to give the talk of your life standard

“When preparing to give your TED-talk, practice at least a 100 times”, TED’s Global Curator Chris Anderson wrote in his book, How to speak at TEDx. In order to inspire our TEDxSittardGeleen speakers to deliver the ‘talk of their life’, we brought in top speaker Karl Raats (courtesy of our partner Assemblee Speakers Bureau). With the main event only two weeks out, his mix of practical advice and lots of positive energy was well received by our group of speakers that collectively concluded: we can’t wait until January 27th. Or as Karl put it, “We’re going to lift our mindset from paranoia – that nagging feeling that the audience is out to get you – to pronoia – the conviction that ...

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Meet Raymond, one of our local gems standard

Hi, I’m Raymond … Raymond Heunen was born in a family of opticians and became an optician and optometrist himself. A doctor whom he visited for knee problems once told him: “Every time I see you in your appointment, your head is not straight onto your body. Your head is tilted to your left shoulder.”. But how was this possible? His own personal search led to wonderful insights. And now he helps thousands of people who suffer from headaches and other physical problems. Simply because ‘there is more to the eye than you can see’.   These are his favorite quotes: Follow your heart, but take your brain with you Follow your dreams, they know the way I never lose, either I ...

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Meet Simone, one of our local pearls standard

Hello, I am Simone …   … and I really love people. I don’t necessarily like all people but I do always want to know what makes them tick. I also love other countries and cultures. In my life, I was fortunate enough to live in a variety of countries where colors, scents, emotions and belief systems vary completely from what I was used to at home. Slowly I learned to understand the seemingly strange habits and beliefs in other cultures. When people from different cultures start working and living together they often don’t understand each other, and don’t even know they don’t. This can cause misunderstandings and irritation and can harm their relationship and their mutual success. Because I ...

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